Surrealism: Desire Unbound Published by Tate Publishers, London in conjunction with the exhibition of the same name at Tate Modern, London and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Inspiration for much of the content, in terms of fonts, and the notion of jarring juxtapositions in the layout was found in Surrealist and Dada publications. The book emphasizes the dream-like experimental, and irreverent Surrealist formula leavened with an implicit eroticism. Initial letters by Toyen. Limited edition with a fur cover. September 2001. 352 pages, 238 × 280 mm. ISBN 1-85437-365-X.

Finalist in the Art Newspaper/AXA Prize for Best UK Exhibition Catalogue, 2002.

Note: The following spreads, with the exception of the fur-bound cover, show preliminary design concepts and do not represent the final layouts and cover of the book.